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1. khpos.hu web page

There are different ways to access the information that may be the most relevant to you on our website. In the following, we have compiled the main subject areas about which you can find detailed information on our site:

payment by card at desktop and mobile POS terminals

the users of physical (desktop or mobile) POS terminals as well as the clients interested in this subject will find here what they need to know about the service, along with supporting materials such as the General Contracting Terms and Conditions, the POS user guide or the Payment card acceptance manual.

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virtual (VPOS) terminal for online payments

clients who use a VPOS terminal or are seeking information on this subject will find here what they need to know about the service, along with supporting materials such as the General Contracting Terms and Conditions, the Payment card acceptance manual, the VPOS interfacing documentation and the conditions for contracting and for launching the service.

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monitoring payment card acceptance transactions and transaction settlement statements - log in to the K&H POS24 application

In the K&H POS24 app you can monitor the physical POS and VPOS terminals installed by us as well as the payment transactions conducted on them; the information is available within just 10 minutes of the execution of the transaction. You can download electronic statements of your bank card turnover. Other features in the application support the administration process and allow you to customise the settings. To find out more about the application and access the user guide and the log-in page, please click the more details button!

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You can find all documents relating to these services in a single place! If you wish to download a specific document or are looking for some information material, please go to the “documents” page where you can access them categorised by service type and, within that, by process step (contract conclusion, installation, everyday use); examples include the General Contracting Terms And Conditions, the Payment card acceptance manual, card company fees, interchange fees, complaints management information, txt file description, etc.

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desktop and mobile POS terminal technical support and service, service contact

If you have a question regarding the operation of a physical POS terminal, please call our technical service line: the telephone number of our desktop and mobile POS terminal support and technical services is: +36 1 346 0507

general questions, card fraud reporting, chargeback, Telecenter contact

If you still have questions when the service starts up, or if you experience a disruption during operation, please call us at.

  • in general, card fraud reporting, chargeback topics, our Telecentre is available 24/7 on +36 1 328 9400. Select the appropriate menu item:

            - Menu 1: general information

             - Menu 2: card acceptance complaints

complaint handling

Specific complaints may be submitted online as well, by filling in the complaint report form on our website.

online complaint reporting

2. K&H POS mobile app


If you wish to have first-hand knowledge of the latest information on bank card acceptance and tasks relating to POS terminals (e.g. notifications of POS terminal software updates or planned maintenance in the payment card acceptance system) or if you are interested in our latest innovations and related offers, then download the K&H POS mobile app to your phone and enable notifications!

Once downloaded, the app will give you full access to the content of the khpos.hu website.

Anyone can download the mobile app, including your staff involved in accepting bank card payments! A highly useful feature for our clients who have a physical POS terminal is the ‘transaction error code reader’, which provides instant support (without the need for help by phone) if a card payment is rejected by the POS terminal. If you log in to the application and place your mobile near the error code shown in the slip or on the terminal display, the application will reveal the reason for rejection and explain what the user needs to do. 

Download the K&H POS mobile app now!

We wish you much success in your business and hope that an increasing number of your clients and customers will select the option of paying by card!

Kind regards,K&H Pénzforgalmi Szolgáltató Kft