K&H card acceptance service at physical POS terminals

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secure card acceptance

  • reliable, compliant with international card company standards
  • full servicing of the POS terminals installed by K&H, from installation to replacement
  • seamless operations supported by a 24/7 live telephone customer service

fast transactions and accurate settlement

  • fast, contactless card acceptance
  • settlement of transactions to your payment account within 1 (one) banking day after the transaction
  • a statement of the transaction amounts transferred and the fees charged is available in the form of a certified electronic statement

wide-ranging functionality for bank card users

  • fast and reliable contactless, chip and magnetic stripe transactions
  • payment with debit and credit cards, cafeteria cards, health insurance cards and SZÉP cards
  • foreign customers see the amount payable in their own currency and their account is debited right away

Make the convenient, fast and secure option of bank card payments available to your customers at a desktop or mobile POS terminal. Your customers will be able to pay in your shop with all the popular international card types such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express and JCB, UnionPay and also with Hungarian cafeteria, health and SZÉP cards!

  • key information
  • the contracting process
  • documents

card types accepted at physical POS terminals

bank cards included in the settlement scope of K&H’s bank card acceptance services:

  • MasterCard products: MasterCard, Mastercard Electronic, Maestro
  • VISA products: VISA, VISA Electron, VPay
  • JCB
  • UnionPay

bank card types cleared by other providers:

  • American Express

other cards:

  • cafeteria cards (e.g. Első Magyar Cafeteria Card, OTP Cafeteria Card)
  • health fund cards
  • Széchenyi Recreation Card issued by any service provider (K&H Bank, MKB Bank, OTP Bank)

types of physical POS terminals:

  • fixed desktop terminals with broadband internet or GPRS communication, operated at 220V. On request, installation of online cash register connection.
  • portable mobile POS terminal with GPRS communication, battery operated

Expand your customer base and increase your business turnover by signing a bank card acceptance contract!

request detailed information on bank card acceptance at physical POS terminals
drawing up our quote
drawing up our quote
accepting and signing the agreement
installation of POS terminal, training, testing
establish an online cash register connection

Ask for a quote on our bank card acceptance services by filling in the merchant request for information form, and our salespeople will contact you within 72 hours to present our business offer!

after consulting with you, our colleague will draw up a quote tailored to your business

the accepted quote and the details of the physical POS card acceptance service are set out in a contractual agreement

if its terms are accepted by the parties, the agreement will be duly signed by both

K&H's Authorised Partner will install the POS terminal at the merchant's premises at a pre-agreed time, provide training on the use of the terminal and put the POS terminal into live operation

on request, we will hand over the technical specification so that the online cash register connection may be installed by the merchant or a developer contracted by the merchant.


everyday use

  • Payment card acceptance manual
  • K&H POS24 application user manual
  • POS terminals software replacement guide
  • K&H PSZ mobile POS user guide
  • Amendment form for payment card acceptance agreement
  • Information on closing pre-authorisation transactions
  • POS (Thelium) user guide with pre-authorisation management
  • POS (Thelium) user guide with pre-authorisation+DCC management
  • use of DCC service for MO/TO transactions
  • use of DCC service for MO/TO transactions ‘check in’use of DCC service for MO/TO transactions ‘check out’use of hotel functions
  • reminder for merchants using an online checkout
  • txt file descriptionreminder of legislative requirements applicable to merchants
  • information on the introduction of strong customer authentication
  • frequently asked questions and answers
  • complaint report formcomplaint handling authorisation

miscellaneous documents

  • embargo information
  • anti-corruption declaration
  • complaints management information

Settlement of bank card transactions; bank card acceptance commission

transaction and settlement currency
transfer of bank card transaction amounts
bank card acceptance conditions
statements on card turnover and the fees charged

you select the currency for the settlement of bank card transactions (HUF, EUR, or USD)

transfer (transaction settlement) is made within max. 1 (one) banking day from the receipt of the transactions, onto the payment account that you specify

non-standard fees, as defined in the relevant contract, are specified and payable for bank card payment transactions

detailed electronic statements are prepared about the transaction amounts transferred and the fees charged. The statements are available electronically, downloadable in an authenticated format (in the K&H POS24 application), or as .txt files suitable for further processing

POS terminal special services and innovative solutions

In order to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and to serve merchants as seamlessly as possible, the following special services are available at POS terminals provided by K&H (these will require a contract amendment).


DCC - dynamic currency conversion service for foreign customers

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is an innovative service that allows foreign cardholders to pay in their own currency at K&H POS terminals. The POS terminal automatically detects the use of a foreign-issued card that is eligible for DCC and automatically offers the cardholder the choice to pay in HUF or in their own currency. In the latter case, the POS terminal converts the HUF amount of the purchase into the currency of the card used for the payment at the exchange rate set by K&H and, if the cardholder accepts the amount thus calculated, the amount displayed on the POS terminal during the payment is debited from their bank account. This makes the use of the card in Hungary completely transparent, so that cardholders can spend their money with a maximum sense of security. The merchant will still receive the amount of the transaction in HUF, regardless of the currency chosen by the foreign cardholder.

MO/TO (telephone mail order) and pre-authorisation for bookings and funds checks for hotels and car rental companies

If a customer orders a service in person or with the card not present (e.g. hotel reservation, car rental)

  • where the exact amount is not known in advance,
  • or if a deposit is required as a security for a possible claim,
  • or if the accepting party wishes to verify the solvency of the customer in advance,

it is possible to request a pre-authorisation. The customer's account will not be debited with the amount of the pre-authorisation, it will only be reserved. The cardholder will not have access to this reserved amount until the merchant completes or cancels the pre-authorisation via the POS terminal.

The MasterCard and VISA transaction ID (Trace ID) makes it even easier to manage pre-authorisations by assigning a unique identification number to the payment transaction related to the same event (e.g. hotel stay, car rental). Its biggest advantage is that all pre-authorisations and related transactions are processed on-line, i.e. instantly, and a customer copy of the receipt is printed in the case of transaction cancellations, thus reducing guest complaints for unreleased amounts.

tip handling at POS terminals

You do not have to forego tipping, either, when your customers pay by card as the POS terminals provided by K&H bank card acceptance allow you to set up the tipping function.

If the cardholder wishes to give you a tip, its amount can be entered separately at the POS terminal at the same time as the payment, and the cardholder's account will be debited with the sum of the payment plus the tip.

booking a goods refund transaction at the POS terminal

When a cardholder returns the goods for any reason, the merchant will be able to use the goods receipt function at the POS terminal provided by K&H card acceptance to refund or credit the full or partial amount of the underlying transaction to the customer.

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K&H provides a comprehensive set of card acceptance services ranging from contracting and installation to training and uninterrupted day-to-day operations:

  • we provide retail outlets with the POS terminals and the various accessories (point-of-sale stickers, logos, user manuals) needed to start K&H card acceptance in your business
  • our authorised partners will install the POS terminals and provide on-site training on their use
  • we provide 24-hour live telephone customer service to ensure a seamless acceptance process

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